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MTIN offers consulting to Internet Service Providers, Wireless Service providers (WISP), telephone companies (telco) and Enterprise markets. By utilizing our experience we can help your business, city, small town, or other organization understand technology to your best advantage.

Let our consultants offer an unbiased assessment of your technology needs. MTIN provides a host of managed services such as spam filtering, DNS Services, hosting, and other service. We also are experts in technology integration to your business.

Mtin offers a core set of services that many other solution providers are unable to.With over 20 years in business we are able to pull from our vast experience & contacts to assist in getting the job done. We have certified, experienced, and reasonable people on staff. Whether you need some tower work, a wireless network installed, help with your new servers, or just how to best utilize technology we are your source.

Mtin has engineers well versed with Cisco, Imagestream, Mikrotik, Ubiquity,Bitlomat, and many other modern day networking systems. We have experience with OSPF, BGP, MPLPP, and a host of other networking protocols.

Mtin can help with any of the services to the right.

Or dial 317.644.2224

xISP solutions
DNS Hosting, network consulting, design, installation. All geared toward the provider market.

DataCenter Services
We are familiar with Data center management, running cross-connects, maintenance, setup, and anything else you may need in a data center environment.

Tower Services
Tower Climbing, re-lamp jobs, inspections, and other tower work.

Connectivity Services
Leased Lines, Private lines, Fiber, fixed wireless, Wimax, and Licensed wireless solutions

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