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DNS and Mail are critical to any business these days. MTIN can offer sevral solutions to make your DNS and mail infrastructure quicker, more secure, and less work for you. We can do any of the following for you

Primary & Secondary Secured DNS
Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks are becoming more and more common these days. Let MTIN deploy a secured DNS infrastructure for you. We have hardened servers optimized for security, reliability, and speed.

Primary and Secondary MX
Mail can b a very intensive thing to manage. Let MTIN take that load off you. We can do anything from simple spam filtering to full blown e-mail clusters servicing tens of thousands of users.

Customized DNS redirect pages
If your customer or end users type a web address wrong they will be displayed with a page branded with your logo and information. this keeps your name in front of customers, allows you to upsell, and maks for a more unified customer experience.

Authoratatative DNS
MTIN can handle large DNS records for your hosting. Our automated tools allow you to make changes.


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