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-Spam Filtering
-Technical Support
-Server Co-Location
-Backend Solutions
-Equipment Support
-WISP Support
-Managed Solutions


MTIN can provide full turnkey solutions for your ISP, whether it be Brick & Mortar or Virtual. We have been in and around the ISP business since the late 80's. We know how ISP's operate and the challenges they face. We have been involved with major bacbone providers, telecom companies, WISPs, and traditional Internet Service Providers.

If you are thinking about starting a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) or other Internet Provider contact MTIN for a free consultation. We offer the following solutions geared toward the ISP market.

-Secondary MX & DNS

-Technical support solutions
On call techs, service plans, holiday, weekend, Tier4 support, "Go to experts"

-Managed Solutions
Hosted Spam filtering, Hosted e-mail, hosted web services, hosted radius, monitoring, metrics

-Nationwide Dial, Dedicated, and Broadband solutions

-Server co-location and maintenance
Virtual servers, backup, production, security

-Day-to-day needs (equipment, supplies, training)

-Online Billing & Trouble Ticket Solutions

-Troubleshooting on provider and backbone issues
BGP, routing, OSPF, SPAM, DNS, mail and other issues

-Equipment Configuration and support
We support Cisco, Mikrotik, Motorola, Alvarion, UBNT, and a host of other equipment

-Wimax, licensed, and unlicensed spectrums

-Become your own Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP).
MTIN works in conjunction with several companies to be your one point of contact for everything you need for your business to be successful. MTIN has designed and built 100's od Points of Presence (POPs) in many different environments. Contact our staff here..


WISP and Wireline/Fiber Design and Operation

MPLS Design and Implementation

Multicast Routing IGMP, PIM

eBGP/iBGP design/implementation

Cisco Routers 2800, 3600, 7200, 7600, ASR, ISR

Cisco Switches 2950, 3550, 3560, 3750, 6500

Switching (Layer 2) STP, RSTP, MSTP, VLAN – dot1q, EOIP, and q-in-q

Routing (layer 3) OSPF, BGP, MPLS, L2VPN

Policy Based Routing, Routing Redistribution, Route Reflection, failover

Cisco ASA Firewalls

Mikrotik 450, 493, 750, RB1100, RB1200,RB2011, CCR, Cloud Core Switches

Mikrotik Wireless

Ubiquity Products

Ruckus Wireless

Alvarion WiMAX

Tandberg Multiplexers and Encoders

IPTV Products – ADB, Entone, Avail

Asterix SIP PBX

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